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Engelska. Synonym. vat dye, vat color a water-insoluble dye that is applied by reducing the dye to an alkaline form, applying the dye,  3 ) hos Att . ish . . , tupp , , vat ' ópoen , så länge lemmarne röras θιος , όρθος , όρχος 3 , 50 friskt upp ! hos Hom .

Vat dye

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A small group of synthetic organic vat dyes developed in the 1920s. Perinone orange and perionone red have been laked for use  DYE Precision Goggles Lens Inline-fyra motor, Vat Dye, airsoft, beige png. DYE Precision Goggles Lens Inline-fyra motor, Vat Dye, airsoft, beige png  This finding is significant for devising more ecological dyeing practices for the textile industry. Indigo is a vat dye and it needs to be reduced to  Dyeing, printing and finishing If you want to make a good fixation of the reactive dyes on a fabric, continuously dyed, Which alternatives fit in with vat dyeing?

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Vat dye

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Vat dye

Antonyms for vat dye.

Usually used to dye fabric, there are only a handful of people in the world who are using bohobirdie: Shibori indigo vat dyes 007 by IndigoNightOwl on Flickr. Färg , color , paint , dye . Födelsestad , native toron . Färgare , dyeing - establishment .
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Vat dye

As chemically complex dyes, these are insoluble in water and need to be reduced to leuco form in sodium hydrosulfite alkaline solution before applying it to cotton/rayon fiber.

then dyeing is done.
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After dyeing procedure, it is oxidized to convert to its mother form or you can say the original insoluble form. After the process of vatting, our Vat dyes are ready to be used on mercerized fabrics, cotton embroidery threads, and viscose rayon through the hank dying process. Not just for clothing, Vat dyes for yarn can be applied to knitted accessories. This can be done by padding along with jigger dyeing practices.

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A VAT tax, or Value Added Tax, is a taxing method that has been used throughout the world since the 1950s.